Canada 1867
....Third Book of Reading Lessons, McPhail, 1867


Up! up! let us a voyage take,
Why sit we here at ease?
Find us a vessel, tight and snug,
Bound for the Northern Seas.

I long to see the Northern Lights,
With their rushing splendors fly,
Like living things with flaming wings,
Across the sunless sky.

I long to see those icebergs vast,
With heads all crown'd with snow;
Whose green roots sleep in the awful deep,
Two hundred fathoms low.

There shall we see the fierce white bear,
The sleepy seals aground,
And the spouting whales that to and fro
Sail with a dreary sound.

We'll pass the shores of solemn pine,
Where wolves and black bears prowl,
And away to the rocky isles of mist,
To rouse the northern fowl.

And there in the wastes of the silent sky,
With silent earth below,
We shall see far off to his lonely rock
The lonely eagle go.

We've visited the northern clime,
Its isles and icebound main;
So now let us back to a dearer land--
To Britain back again.

--No Author Mentioned.

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